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Unexplored Niche In marketing

No description

Casey Farbacher

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Unexplored Niche In marketing

Bridging the Gap

We want to enhance our students' abilities, learning processes, confidence, and opportunities so they can reach their full potential through the Smeal College of Business
Comparative University Programs

Kelley’s Department of Marketing gives you the
education, experience, and connections
you need to “hit the ground running” with top employers after graduation."
Subject Matter Expert
Unexplored Niche In marketing
Marketing Opportunities of Tomorrow
Top Marketing Programs Ranked by U.S. News
1. University of Michigan
2. University of Pennsylvania
3. University of Texas
4. Indiana University-Bloomington
5. University of California-Berkley
6. University of North Carolina
7. New York University
8. University of Virginia
9. University of Wisconsin
10. University of Southern California
2014 Marketing Graduate Job Placement
Penn State Marketing Association
Top 10 Marketing Firms in 2013 as Ranked by Forbes
1. Wieden + Kennedy
2. Droga5
3. Grey
5. Ogilvy
6. The Martin Agency
7. Leo Burnett
8. CP+B
9. Goodby Silverstein & Partners
10. Publicis
Smeal College of Business Rankings
Current Rankings From Smeal's Web Page
Top Schools where recruiters are going
When we looked up PSMA's Blog.
PSMA Homepage
Linda Wolf
Past CEO of Leo Burnett Worldwide
Honorary Alumna of Smeal
On the Board for Interworkings , a marketing execution firm serving Fortune 500 Companies
Former Smeal Board Member
Uncharted Job Opportunities
Marketing Involvement
Interested in incorporating marketing case competitions in Smeal
Agrees that students need more exposure with implementing marketing strategy
Supportive of integrating mentors to further guide students in their career path
Surprised that no Marketing Firms recruit at Penn State
Impressed by students who know how to market themselves
Believes students should have access to a diverse internship selection
ex. Digital Media & Luxury Brands
Marketing Opportunities Today
Current Curriculum Focus:
Business to Business
Sports Marketing
When we wanted to learn about PSMA events
Marketing Marketing
University of Pennsylvania
What is it?

Marketing Academic Program
What will it do?
Introduce students to a more diverse selection of job opportunities
Develop students' portfolios
Compete in case competitions with other universities
Compete for marketing awards and special recognition
Offer business leader mentorship and key note speakers
Assist in internship success
Digital advertisements in Smeal Atrium
Professor and Adviser suggestions and announcements
Fall 2015 Kick Off event
Interviews for potential members
Anticipation for launch of Marketing Firm
Skills to Obtain Niche Jobs:
Real World Experiences
Confidence in their abilities
Advanced Networking Opportunities
Knowledge of a variety of Marketing Jobs
Project Management Skills
Excel and Analytic Skills
Soft Skills
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