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The MK Mix

Information on the business and culture brand for Milton Keynes

segun oguntola

on 28 May 2010

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Transcript of The MK Mix

Promoting culture...
...and encouraging enterprise
What started out as a popular interview column in the Citizen…
… developed into a popular community website… …with the following objectives…
1. Spotlight how culturally diverse individuals, role models and communities are contributing to the positive development of MK through art, culture and enterprise, and highlight English culture at the grass roots level
2. Encourage tolerance, understanding and collaboration between culturally diverse communities and mainstream MK communities
3. Promote business, commerce and economic activity amongst all MK communities by focusing on, and mainstreaming positive contributions from culturally diverse communities
4. Provide a popular and sustainable route to market for stakeholders, organisations and partnerships
…the Annual MK Mix Business and Culture Exhibition took these objectives a step further by…
1. bringing BAME and small business to the centre of MK life during this week
2. promoting and provide exposure for BAME and small businesses outside of their usual business environment
3. mainstreaming BAME and small businesses
4. support the networking of BAME and small businesses with each other and with the general business community in Milton Keynes  5. celebrating the Cultural diversity present in the city of Milton Keynes through art, music and ENTERPRISE
…the MK Mix is marketed via its popular regular column in the city’s leading local newspaper…
Marketed to over 50,000 MK residents weekly via the popular mkmix column in the Citizen
1000000 Hits
since Feb 2009
av 300 UNIQUE
Visitors per day
Press Online Exhibitions WHAT... ..we are about is... ... a popular site are you in the mix?
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