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Exploring Fear and Courage in History through Multigenre Pro

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Megan Ginther

on 3 February 2017

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Transcript of Exploring Fear and Courage in History through Multigenre Pro

Exploring Fear and Courage in Literature through Multigenre Projects
1. Literacy contracts incorporate at least one small group book around a theme topic, genre, and standards. Students are also reading and writing beyond the contract.
2. Each contract involves at least one independent nonfiction book.
3. Writing goals are incorporated in each contract.
4. Differentiation is easily written into literacy contracts. Book choices, projects, and writing parameters can be adapted for different reading and writing levels of proficiency.
5. Literacy contracts promote a structured framework for ensuring standards, yet they allow student choice.

Literacy Contracts in the ELA Classroom
6. Contracts provide a system for keeping tabs on what kids are reading and writing, as well as identifying strengths and weaknesses.
7. Parents enter into a partnership with their children and teachers letting them know classroom literacy goals.
8. Contracts are designed for thee to six week increments.
9. Contracts are flexible. They can be altered to fit curriculum changes and student needs. Contracts can be applied to any content area.
10. A literacy contract is a tool, not the entire curriculum. Daily lesson plans support the long-term goals of the contract.
1. What does it mean to fear something?
2. What can fear prevent you from doing?
3. What is the opposite of fear?
4. In what ways fear be positive or helpful?
5. How is it possible to overcome fear?
6. What makes a person courageous?
7. How can you face fear with courage?

Essential Questions for Fear & Courage
What is a multigenre project?
Writing around a topic
Showcases research
Allows student choice in writing
Encourages creativity
Built-in differentiation
Less intimidating research project
Multigenre Examples
"The Multigenre Man"--Tom Romano
Multigenre Elements
3-5 online sources (websites, videos, documentaries)
3-5 short print texts (picture books, TFK, Storyworks, Scope, Scholastic News)
One long(er) nonfiction book

Types of Genres:
Letters (Dear Mrs. LaRue picture books, Dear Mr. Blueberry)
Podcasts (The Yarn, NPR, Storynory)
Journals/Diaries (American Girl Amelia books, This Journal Belongs to Ratchet, Dear America books)
Postcards (Jolly Postman)
Comics (
Lunch Lady
Baby Mouse
Sunny Side Up
Roller Girl
Interview Transcripts (Scholastic--author interviews)
Social Media Posts (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram)
Blog Posts (kidblog)
Plays (Storyworks, Readers Theater)
Timelines (Nonfiction Text Features)
Infographics (Storyworks)
Poetry (
Out of the Dust
Brown Girl Dreaming
May B., Silver People: Voices from the Panama Canal
Contact Info (we love hearing from you!):
Holly Mueller

Megan Ginther

Digital Options
- Breaking Barriers
-- https://coggle.it/
Why Fear and Courage?

Universal fears of fitting in, belonging, feeling "normal"
Courage to be yourself
Historical and current struggles of diversity
How do we frame this discourse?

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