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Wrangling the Octopus: Managing Your Social Media Ecosystem (eduWeb 2010)

Presented at 2010 eduWeb conference, July 26, 2010. #eduweb

Aaron Rester

on 28 July 2010

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Transcript of Wrangling the Octopus: Managing Your Social Media Ecosystem (eduWeb 2010)

Once upon a time... ... a collge or university's web presence might have looked like this: WEBSITE Content
Editor Content
Intern HTML
Designer HTML
Intern + staff writers Wrangling the Octopus Managing your social media ecosystem Aaron Rester Senior Manager of Electronic Communications,
University of Chicago Law School
Twitter.com/aaronrester (approx 400 pages) Website (approx 2500 pages) Mgr. of Electronic
Communications Asst. Dean + Asst. Dir.
Communications Students Mailing lists Twitter Facebook Flickr Digital Signage iTunes Blip.tv Cotweet Feedburner Yahoo Pipes Typepad Echofon Faculty Faculty Blog Becker-Posner
Blog Electronic
Projects Blog Alumni News News Faculty
Podcast Student Events
Podcast Alumni
Magazine Staff members with CMS privileges Email Blasts Career Services
Staff LinkedIn External Affairs
Staff Admissions
Staff CMIG
(videographers) (Communications Office) dlvr.it Track Feeds The Starfish Strategy "A starfish has many legs radiating outward from its central core. It uses its legs to move toward its prey, which it will ultimately devour with one of its stomachs. The analogy should be clear. Social media--blogs, text messaging, video, and social networking--are the legs of your online strategy. Your Web site is the belly of the beast, where you convert visitors into customers." - Robert Scoble, "Fast Company"
December 1, 2007 General Principles Automate as much as possible...
... but don't lose the human touch. RSS = Real Simple Syndication Drupal, Our CMS, makes RSS
a snap. YouYou Library Blog Library
Staff Events Goodreads CMIG
(videographers) Mgr. of Electronic
Communications Blip.tv University
YouTube Channel Goodreads
(author profile) Law School Website Yahoo Pipes FeedBurner Digital Signage Email Blasts dlvr.it Facebook Twitter CoTweet Echofon (.mov) upload auto distribute embed auto embed RSS master feed headline animator RSS wall post (link) real-time tracking, search,
& collaboration RSS bit.ly the "simplified" version Get social. find this presentation at http://tinyurl.com/wranglingtheoctopus

find me at twitter.com/aaronrester
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