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New Grass

No description

Karen Krueger

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of New Grass

New Grass and inspired by Bluegrass Blues Influenced Rock/Pop Influenced Gangsta Grass Mumford And Sons The Avett Brothers Ebony Hillbillies & Teada Roots Music Delta Blues Old and In The Way Chris Thile Bela Fleck and the Flecktones Jazz/Improv Influenced Virtuosic banjo player of New Grass Revival forms new group with heavy influence in jazz and experimentation Crooked Still Laura Love Carolina Chocolate Drops. Official Video. High Roads & RailRoads NY Group that fuses Hip Hop with
Bluegrass. A traditional String Band
and Organic Drum Loops form the
backbone used by the Rappers: R-SON
And Dolio Highly Produced British Band which
creates a blend of Indie Rock, Pop,
and Bluegrass. M&S use foot percussion,
piano, and rhythmic guitar to establish a
pop feel, while upright bass and banjo
lend a bluegrass sound. Carolina Punk Rockers Seth and Scott
Avett sought a musical departure in the
form of Bluegrass and Folk Music. The use
of Banjo and acoustic guitar create a bluegrass backbone while their songwriting is distinctly pop oriented. After partnering with Producer Rick Rubin, their sound has become increasingly pop-centric. Subgenres generated Bill Monroe and the genesis of Bluegrass Bluegrass' Characteristics -
High Vocals
Close Vocal Harmonies
Strings Provide Rhythm
Minimal Percussion
Acoustic Instruments:
Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar,
Upright Bass, Fiddle Peter Rowan had a storied journey to get to this point. Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys > Earth Opera > Seatrain > Muleskinner > Old and In the Way. Old and In The Way featured Peter Rowan on guitar, David Grisman on mandolin, Vassar Clements on fiddle and Jerry Garcia on banjo New Grass Revival Initially started as the Bluegrass Alliance, after personnel changes, it became New Grass Revival Band pushed the boundaries of bluegrass like never before not just in terms of music, but also performance. Old Crow Medicine Show Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes The Gourds Trampled By Turtles Crooked Still Carolina Chocolate Drops Buckets of Rain Ebony Hillbillies with Garland Jeffreys. Bob Dylan Tribute. Child prodigy mandolin player, made his debut in the band Nickel Creek as a child. After the band broke up, Thile formed The Punch Brothers and used the bluegrass instrumentation to feature complex compositions. Ebony Hillbillies Ruthie Foster Laura Love & Harpers Ferry Piedmont Blues Cephas & Wiggins Country Girl Carolina Chocolate Drops Jerry Garcia initially started playing guitar at age 15 before moving on to bluegrass banjo. As he started to be influenced more by psychedelic rock, he once again turned to the guitar. The Grateful Dead While bluegrass already employed the use of improvisation during solos, The Grateful Dead jammed and improvised as a whole band which is now characteristic of jam bands.
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