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Joshua Kibby

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Education


Funding Priorities
Make sure that every school has the proper resources to properly educate students ex: books, computers, pencils, etc.
If not, schools not teachers should provide the funds
Have schools be up to code on maintenance such as heating and lighting
Expansion vs Improvement: Charter vs Public Schools
Pull our resources together to improve what we already have in our public schools
In Ohio, The Department of Education’s ranking of schools and districts reveals that 83 out of the bottom 84 schools are charter schools in 2013*
Michigan spends over $1 billion for charter schools**
*Department of Education 2013
** Detroit Free Press 6/22/2014

Equal Education: Suburb vs Urban School
Graduation rates for urban schools are scary
Urban schools aren't receiving the same education
State-wide evaluations for schools
More training for teachers in below average districts
Scholarships: Academic vs Athletic
Incentive Programs
Home School
Teachers and students
Rewards for meeting goals
Penalties for failing to reach goals
Statistics show that more scholarships are spent per athlete versus an academic student.
Although individually athletes are awarded more, academics as a whole does receive more scholarship funds in recent studies.
Small percentage of athletes make a career out of their sport.
There are minimal requirements to keep an athletic scholarship ( about 3 courses and minimal GPA in some colleges) while athletic scholarships demand to keep high grades and GPA (for a smaller scholarship)
Home schooled students, regardless of why they are home schooled, should all have an equal opportunity to return to public school and receive a fair education.
Kids should have an opportunity to ease into the school system. (some students are not used to the system and can end up falling behind)
No matter how formulated and designed the home school curriculum is, it won't be as sufficient as a national public school system.
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