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Conspiracy Theories: Atlantis

Philosophy 35

Romy van Ommeren

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of Conspiracy Theories: Atlantis

THE LOST EMPIRE The story of Atlantis was first told by Plato who talked of a civilization richer than any other. Atlantis was a Utopian city, it had developed technolgies that no other civilization had ever experienced. Plato tells of how Atlantis became corrupt with greed and lust, and they were punished by the gods and went under the ocean waves in one day and one night. Plato describes the Atlantians as great engineers and architects. There were palaces, harbors, temples and docks. The capital city was built on a hill and surrounded by rings of water, which were joined by tunnels large enough for a ship to sail through. A huge canal connected the outer rings of water to the ocean. On the outskirts of the capital city there were huge fields where farmers grew the city's food. Past the field there were mountains where wealthy villagers lived. Plato Found in Spain? By: Romy van Ommeren & Brooke Skocdopole Our opinion: Deep under mud flats in southern Spain a US-led research team believes they may have found the long lost city. Using digital mapping, deep ground radar, and underwater technology they have seen traces of the lengendary rings that are said to form the lost city. Until today we are still looking for a mysterious lost continent. The lost empire Atlantis, sunk. The survivors from Atlantis, spread around the planet to Australia, Africa, America, and created the ancient civilizations and started everything all over again. With no earlier traces with a very high culture in that age, they brougt high knowledge, which is still showing in Egypt pyramids and the Mayan Calendar. The catastrophe, which caused Atlantis to sink, was a punishment from the gods, this is what they believe, and in order to not to get the punishment again, they kept their sacred knowledge a secret. http://unxplained-factor.com/atlantis.htp
http://www.activemind.com/Mysterious/Topics/Atlantis/theories.html Bibliography: EVIDENCE AGAINST: One big factor against Atlantis is that Plato dates the destruction of the city at 9600BC. This goes against all accounts of human history because it is believed that the earliest form of humans mature enough to create a city have only been around since about 5000BC.
Another factor is that Plato could have just cam up with the story of Atlantis to teach people a moral lesson about greed and wealth. Can it be mere coincidence that several ancient cultures seem to have spontaneously acquired certain knowledge and skills that were seemingly beyond their level of development at the time? The ability to build a perfect pyramid for example, this skill could not have been developed by several different cultures independantly of eachother in such a short period of time. One theory is that they inherited this knowlegde from a previous culture.
The Atlanteans were said to possess advanced skills and knowledge, particularly of engineering, consider the sophisticated irrigation systems and the canals as described by Plato. It is a possibility that the Atlanteans were the original pyramid builders, and they shared their knowledge with their neighbours. The pyramids are extremely sophisticated structures, often built so that their angles align perfectly with constellations in the heavens or with perfect north south east and west. EVIDENCE FOR: Bimini Road Atlantis is a legendary lost city, possibly an entire continent. It is said to have been submerged beneath the sea, as a result of volcanic activity or a huge earthquake. According to Plato this happened around 9,000 BCE.
What makes the idea of Atlantis so appealing is that it wasn't just any city it was the rich heart of a great civilisation. There’s been countless documentaries and movies made as this “conspiracy theory” continues to develop, even today. What is Atlantis? Just North of Bimini Islands on the floor of the Atlantic an amazing discovery has recently been found. There is a half mile long "road" of perfectly alligned rocks, leading to sand and no one knows how far. Researchers have also discovered that underneath these perfectly alligned stones there is another layer, exactly the same. This makes it seem like it wasnt a road at all but a wall. There are also markings in the stones that look like they are from tools, and ancient anchors have been found in the sand nearby. This gives researchers the idea that it was part of an ancient shipping dock. The Minoans The island of Thera was a volcanic island that held the Minoan civiliztaion. The Volcano erupted and destroyed the island, sinking most of the island. Plato said that Atlantis sunk around 9000 years ago, well before the Minoans. But it is possible that by 9000 years Plato is actually taking about months by the ancient Grecian calander, and if this is correct it puts the time of Atlantis at the exact time of the Minoans. Suggesting that they could be one and the same.
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