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Surrogacy Presentation

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Austin Jones

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Surrogacy Presentation

Surrogacy What is it? Some would say that surrogacy is "baby selling," "losing the right of women's choice," or " it is a gift beyond price." A surrogate mother is defined as a woman who becomes pregnant, carries and delivers a child on behalf of another couple, the commissioning parents, and at birth hands over this child to this couple. So why choose it?... Traditional surrogacy
Gestational surrogacy Traditional surrogacy is when a surrogate mother uses her own egg fertilized by the intended fathers sperm. This is done by a process called artificial insemination. (Nakash) Gestational IVF surrogacy is when the surrogate mother carries the intended parent's genetic child conceived through IVF. IVF stands for in vitro fertilization. (Nakash) Before deciding on the option of surrogacy, the surrogate and the intended parents should know the laws of surrogacy. First off, they should realize that surrogacy is only legal in 11 states. Each state has the choice of whether to allow or not allow surrogacy in their state. The states that do allow surrogacy have different rules on the way they regulate surrogacy. Some of these rules are....

Allowing married couples to enter into a contract with a surrogate for assisted conception.
Surrogacy arrangements must be approved by the court of law.
The gestational surrogate must have had at least one prior pregnancy and delivery. Is surrogacy unethical? It was found that these two things are similar because it reduces women’s reproductive labor to a degree of alienated or dehumanized labor. A research group from the University of Stellenbosch did a study to compare surrogacy to prostitution. This connection is drawn because one’s physical service is being offered and transaction of service does not require a personal relationship. All in all, this problem leads to the carrier being nothing but an environment or human incubator. A chance and a hope to have a child (Laub) (Book of Law) (Tongue Twister Confused Boy) RELIGION PROS vs. CONS Cons Pros Some women decide to be a surrogate, but they have never had a pregnancy before and then during pregnancy face many emotional and physical problems. What happens when the family is wanting two fertile embryos but the surrogate ends up being pregnant with three embryos? It enables the infertile couple to produce their own biological child. Surrogacy contracts state that if the surrogate suddenly is diagnosed with a life threatening disease during pregnancy the surrogate and the baby will have full life support equipment. Surrogacy is a way for women who don't mind pregnancy to help out a childless couple. (Surrogate motherhood) What if the intended parents decide not to tell the child about the procedure until the child is 18. The child most likely will seek his birth mother and feel deeply hurt from their parents. (Nakash) (Adams) (Pros and Cons of surrogacy) (IVF.net) A gestational carrier or surrogate mother may be the only option in preventing pre-eclampsia. (Case Report Of Use Of A Gestational Carrier) (Guide to state surrogacy laws) In this surrogacy survey, the overwhelming answer was adoption. (Teman & Davis) (Horsey & surrogate motherhood) (Mothers For Hire) (Pros and Cons of Surrogacy) (cite this) three two one The Procedure TRUE OR FALSE? (Nakash) ("The ethics of surrogacy: Women's Reproductive Labour") ("The ethics of surrogacy: Women's Reproductive Labor") ("The ethics of surrogacy: Women's reproductive labor") ("The ethics of surrogacy: Women's reproductive labor") What does the bible say about surrogacy? The story of Sarah in Genesis (she could not bear children so she her servant to Abraham so she could have children) is a great example of surrogacy.
Hagar had trouble giving up this baby to Sarah (this is an example of the bond between the surrogate and the baby).
The bible does not forbid it, but does say that it is unethical.
It is unethical because marriage is between two people, and a children are to be born of that union. To bring a third party in the picture means that the child will have a third parent. (Genesis 1:28, 2:24)
The bible says that children are a gift, not a right. (Psalm 127:3)
Just as God blesses some people with wealth and success, He blesses some with children and others not.
In all we do, we must examine our hearts and the Holy Spirit for truth, "Whatever you eat or drink or whatever you do, you must do all for the glory of God." (1 Corinthians 10:31) (What does the bible say about being a surrogate mother) Women who employ themselves in surrogacy often do it because they find financial gain, self fulfillment, and warmth in helping a childless couple in need. What if the surrogate loses the baby during pregnancy?

What if the surrogate mother decides to take the baby without the concern of the couple involve? (Pros and Cons of surrogate motherhood) (Cartoon Jungle Animals) (Animated Jungle Animals) Did you know..
There are two Different types of surrogacy?.... Traditional Surrogacy
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