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5 year planssss!

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tori blalock

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of 5 year planssss!

Stalins 5 year plans! take one: had staggering economic goals
wanted to create a new kind of society as well as a stonger industrial economy and better army

wanted to increase the total industrial output by 250 percent and the agricultural ouput by 150 percent

1/5 of the peasant population was to give up their land to the soviets and join a bigger farm (this is known as collectivization)

some of the better off peasant landowners (AKA Kulacks) werent even allowed to join these farms but instead were sent off to forced-labor camps (Gulags) or were starved to death
take 2! since stalin believed the first 5 year plan went swell, he decided to take action and create a new plan

with this plan, he still put a lot of emphasis on industry...alot of which was steel

with steel being the top priority, railroads grew alot

bad thing about all that is since everyone was focused on steel being the major output of the soviets, alot of consumer goods went downhill stalin himself:
commited socialist

supported by military

did not want capitalism to make a come back

follower of lenin
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