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#8 Totalitarianism between World Wars

No description

David Kays

on 30 July 2018

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Transcript of #8 Totalitarianism between World Wars

: one ruler has complete control over all aspects of life
Totalitarianism under Stalin
command (communist) economy
: govt. owns
businesses, makes decisions, and sets prices
Five Year Plans
: quotas in industry & ag every 5 years
: family farms merged; people forced to live on huge farms & work the land owned by govt.
Characteristics of
Totalitarian Regimes
: ending of freedom of speech
#8 Totalitarianism between World Wars
*includes political,
social, & economic
features of a nation
Joseph Stalin - USSR
Benito Mussolini - Italy
Adolf Hitler - Germany
*one political party - USSR was Communist,
Germany was Nazi, Italy was Fascist
*needs of state put before needs of individuals
*elimination of opposition; use of secret police
: messages meant to influence
the way people thought
*Mussolini & Hitler came to power due to severe
economic problems; people hoped they had answers
*Stalin took food away from Ukraine when they resisted collective farming; mass starvation
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