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Fashion In The 1900s

No description

Mikaela Fergusson

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Fashion In The 1900s


Fashion In The 1900s
End of Victorian Era & Beginning of Edwardian

History 1900-1909
1900: Fauvist movement began in paintings led by Henri Matisse
1901: The passing of Queen Victoria and her son, Henry VII
1902: First recording on gramophone by Enrico Caruso
1903: Ford Motor company organized by Henry Ford
1904: The subway opened in New York City
1905: Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity
1906: San Francisco Earthquake and 3-day fire
1907: Cubism introduced by Picasso's Les Demoiselles d’Avignon
1908: Ford Motor Model T produced
1909: Reported that North Pole was reached by American Explorers, Robert E. Peary and Matthew Henson

Reflection of Social Classes
on Fashion
Upper Class:
Not much change from 1900 to 1910
More lightweight and breathable materials
Men's slacks were wider at the bottom than previous eras
High celluloid collar
Short hair styles
Slightly pointed beards and curled mustaches
Textile were much more simple back then...
Natural fibers like:
...and in 1910, rayon was commercially available.
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Men, Women, & Children
Store-bought clothing
Elaborate and luxurious styles - not very simple
Bowler hats, top hats, and fedoras (men)
Celluloid collars, long suit jackets, gold pocket watches, and gloves (men)
Extravagant hats (women)

Lower Class:
Hand-made clothing
Old, well-used hand-me-downs.
Aprons over basic frocks (women)
Hair up (women)
Dress pants, high collared dress shirts, and vests (men)
The flat cap and newsboy (men)
Simpler fashion form than before
Slightly relaxed corsets and high collars
Dresses no longer needed to be puffed up around the hips with petticoats
Skirts became floor length
Hobble skirt- full at the waist and tapered towards the ankles
Hats were still all the rage
Tried to get rid of freckles or cover them up
Rouged cheeks and whitened skin
Hair: coiffure, fringe, low pompadour
Basically identical to parents
Skirts shorter so children can play without getting dirty and as children got older, their skirts would be longer (girls)
Curled or natural hair under a hat (girls)
Breeches and sailor suits (boys)
short hair and a hat on top- sailor or newsboy hats (boys)
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