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Surviving Scrum Adoption by Antonio Martel

Top challenges and problems in Scrum adoption

Antonio Martel

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of Surviving Scrum Adoption by Antonio Martel

Henrik Kniberg Scrum Checklist
Buzzwords: What will be left? Postagilism
Surviving Scrum Adoption
Talk at INCUBE for AIDA
Blog: http://www.antoniomartel.com/search/label/EN
Website: http://gdriv.es/antoniomartel
LinkedIn: http://es.linkedin.com/in/antoniomartel/en‎
Surviving Scrum Adoption
by Antonio Martel
Newbies and the plain Burndown Graphic
Bah! Scrum!
Sceptical teams
Customers: Geeky thing
Directors: Scrum is anarchy
Burndown Graphic Anxiety
and Definition of Done
When am I going to finish?
Gantt Charts constant updating
Product Owner
Real Owner
Product Owners Board
Are all stakeholders involved?
Dull demos
Throwing deliverables over the wall
by Antonio Martel
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