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Boot Camp Session II


tim hasse

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Boot Camp Session II

Boot Camp Session II
By Tim Hasse
Shem Daugherty

What Not To Do!
Be Polite
Be Aware of Your Audience
Education Sites Aren't For Personal Use
Respect Privacy!
Don't Abuse System Resources
No Cyber Bullying!
No Illegal Activity
No Social Networking and/or video/music streaming--Except for Those
Approved by Northland Community Schools
Polices for Misuse
Three Levels of Offense
Illegal activities will result in immediate removal
from school network and the loss of course credit
assiociated with E-Learning activites
Minor offenses
verbal warning
removal from activities for one week
removal from online activites for semester and forfeiture of class credit
Offenses include but are not limited to:
mild profanity, mean spirited humor, inappropriate humor,
disparagement of another's character or performance,
using the site for other than what it was intended,
inappropraite screen names or avatars
Major offenses
Removal from Internet activities for one month, an after school detention
Removal from online education for the balance of the semester and forfeiture of class credit
Removal of Internet privileges for the entire school year
Major offenses include but are not limited to: racial remarks, slander, cyber bullying, starting rumors, inappropriate sexual remarks or humor, strong use of profanity, unauthorized downloading or streaming, giving out personal information.
Illegal Offenses
Immediate and permanent removal from Northland High School's network. Possible detention, suspension, expulsion, and law enforcement will be involved when necessary
Illegal offenses include but are not limited to: reference to drug or alcohol use, pornography, sexual harrassment, terroristic threats, cyber bullying involving threats of harm, any activity that is illegal for students under 18, any attempt to contact strangers over the World Wide Web.
Dangers of the Internet
Online environments outside of LMS's can be dangerous places.
Online environments are full of predators that want to harm or
take advantage of you in some way.
When young people go to sites where they shouldn't be or give out
personal information they are putting themselves at great risk
Horror stories
This girl was killed by this man in
Pine River, MN. She went to meet
him about a job offer she found on
ABC and NBC both have programs aimed
at catching and stopping Internet predators
Internet predator statisitcs
1 in 5 teens who use the Internet say they have received unwanted sexual advances
1 in 4 kids have been exposed to unwanted pornography
1 in 3 American households use filters
3 in 4 kids were willing to give out personal information
1 in 4 kids told their parents about unwanted sexual advances
1 in 33 kids were asked to meet someone they didn't know or were called on the phone
1 in 4 targeted kids were between 10-13; 3 in 4 were 14 or older
If you want to return to the Ed 6120 Wiki follow this link...
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