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recruiting math march 2010

Updated version of general recruitment presentation, meant for an audience of both elementary and secondary candidates.

Doug O'Roark

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of recruiting math march 2010

structure who do we
want? finances what should you get
from this talk? program overview foundations year clinical year post-graduate support A collaboration between
the college, the Graham
School, and the Urban
Education Institute,
UTEP is a two year plus
residency program leading
to Masters of Arts in
Teaching and Illinois
Teaching Certication Four strands:

One cohort Four internships-
two summers,
two semesters,
carefully chosen
clinical instructors;
student centered,
Chicago centered
Three years,
observations by
UTEP staff,
Cohort structure
the dream:
UTEP as a CI! Social Justice Commitment Strong Content Knowledge Reflective Want to provide
high quality
for urban kids Willing to
commit to
a five year
already can
with children Math major
or minor,
desire to learn
more Continually
on all parts
of our
practice Moderate Expenses First three quarters Last five quarters Through the
Graham School we
can charge reduced
tuition; we also
have endowments or
NSF grants that reduce
tuition further. 4th years pay no
additional tuition
for enrolling in
Graduate students
pay $2,800
per quarter.
per quarter. Work study, forgivable federal
loans, and more $1,200 work study
1st three quarters;
$2,000 TEACH grant, 1st three quarters
$12,500 work study
over final five quarters;
$20,000 living stipend over final four quarters;
$4,000 TEACH grant final four quarters; Stafford forgiveness up to $17,500;
Perkins forgiveness;
additional UTEP endowment based on need
UTEP has several important features, the combination
of these makes UTEP unique: Commitment to social justice and urban teaching
Attends to issues of race, class, & culture
Rigorous & Demanding
Emphasis on Residential/Clinical Work
Induction support-three years of mentoring
Cohort structure & a growing professional community
Moderate costs
Apply by March 15th.
utep.uchicago.edu 1st year Math
Number Theory
Finish Analysis/Algebra sequence 2nd year math coursework
Situational Math I, II, III
Learning Theory
Curriculum & Assessment
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