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The Gilded Age Web Quest

History Class project

omri blair

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of The Gilded Age Web Quest

The Gilded Age Web Quest Brought to you by: Omri
Blair Kevin Murray Scott Tenefrancia Trevor Borgelt Melissa Rush Political Machines
headed by a single boss or small autocratic group votes to maintainpolitical and administration control of a city, country or state William Magear Tweed the rapid growth of cities, created huge problems for city goverments, which were often proly structured and unable to provide services are charcterized by a disciplined and hierachical organization Their goal was keeping itself in power rather then providing good government A Democratic party organzation in New York found in 1789 The society of St. Tammany or columbian order, named after a lengendary delware chief Tammany was run by boss William Magear Tweed(1823-73) Different names: Sons of St. Tammany Columbian Order Society of St. Tammany -They used the lower clase people such as immagrants to get their votes and stay in power- Tweed had the city in his hands Said that those who follow will get jobs, food Pics Disease!! I dont like typoid and typhus Health The overcrowded tenements of the cities were a perfect breeding ground for smallpox Rosey colored spots on chest or abdomen A Wrightmen Production Urbanization -in the Gilded Age was the result of Industrial Rev. Immagrants and displaced rural workers {which there wasn't many to being with} flooded cities to find Employment old on Disease accounted for many deaths as a rusult of chronic lack of hygiene The food conditions and unfair business partices cause disease to run rampant Caused by contaminated water, it could spread with speed and with devastating consequences If unttreated can kill you in 3 weeks to a month. kill rate is 47% in some areas Food 1% One disease was cholera was a greatly feared diseases
in the Gilded Age -an attack of cholera is sudden and painful- Smallpox made a major re-occurrence even after Edward Jenner's vaccines -acute sever contagious diarrhea with intestinal lining sloughing- Typhoid and typhus were as feared as cholera The name comes from the Greek typhos meaning smoky or hazy, describing the state of mind of those affected with typhus Thyphoid bacteria -Thypoid is carried by infected water whereas typhus was carried by lice- Symptoms Without treatment, the disease can be fatal. Prompt treatment with antibiotics cures every patient. Housing Because of the economy there was a vast range of the class Most famous for the creation of a modern industrial economy But on the other hand there were the vast majority that was living this way Social Darwinism refers to a pseudo-scientific justifing racism It also claims that the biological theories of evolution and natural selection can also be applied to human society It implies that variations between ethnic or racial groups are deterministic of their social rank and those inherently inferior to others should be left to die out as a result of their own incompetence Social Darwinism It was a popular view amongst the intellegencia of the day -is a claim, belief, or practice which is presented as scientific, but which does not adhere to a valid scientific methodology, lacks supporting evidence or plausibility, cannot be reliably tested, or otherwise lacks scientific status- New Technologies Cultral Benefits Mucrakers. discribes the nature on the meat packing industries a reporter or writer who investigates and publishes truthful reports involving a host of social issues, broadly including crime and corruption and often involving elected officials, political leaders and influential members of business and industry -Upton Sinclair The Jungle(1906) Images exposed of the faud of the Standard Oil Company The History of the Standard Oil Company(1904) -Ida M Tarbell From 1869 to 1879, the US economy grew at a rate of 6.8% Nation grew at an annual rate of 3.8% Real wages also increased greatly American steel production surpassed the combined total of Britain, Germany, and France Rockefeller built a massive fortune in the oil industry using practices including swallowing up competitors and negotiating exclusive deals with railroad companies Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish immigrant, is known for being a truly self-made man and had a Steel company George Westinghouse invented air brakes for trains (making them both safer and faster) Theodore Vail established the American Telephone & Telegraph Company and built a great communications network. Nikola Tesla invented a remarkable number of electrical devices, as well as the integrated power plant capable of lighting multiple buildings simultaneously Thomas Edison, in addition to inventing hundreds of electrical devices, founded General Electric corporation Darwin Examples BY: Omri Blair
Melissa Rush
Scott Tenefrancia
Kevin Murray
Trevor Borgelt
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