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healthy eating


Amundeep Chaggar

on 12 April 2010

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Transcript of healthy eating

Healthy eating

Most people think that healthy eating is all about eating their fruits/veg, but that is not true. Healthy eating is about having a healthy Life style and balancing your foods so that you’re healthy. In some cases, fruits/Veg is what Canadians are missing in there lives.
For example, say that you are running late for school
NO ONE says; ill have a HEALTHY breakfast really fast. It is always, I’ll take this piece of cake instead or I am going to take this bag of chips.
And this into your mouth at least 1 time a day instead of,
this healthy food that you could make or get! (Even at the same place they serve junk food)!
Healthy foods are under estimated; so many people do not understand why we need healthy foods in our lives but still don’t care if they shove junk down their thought for breakfast, the most important meal of the day!
As you can see, pop and fruit juice are equally the same! Turns out that in the end water, is the best and might always be the best.
Now you remember that
Picture of a burger I showed you? Ya the one
were the boy is about to eat the burger,
well that for your information is a big Mac which contains
24g of fat. Were in the Mc Donald’s salad there is about 18.4 grams of fat in one serving.
People have noticed that students are more awake when they eat a healthy breakfast, and do better in school
And when you don’t a eat healthy breakfast you end up sleeping or tired when you’re at school and don’t pay attention that often.
In my project I’m focusing
on healthy breakfasts and
how kids don’t really think
about what they eat, which
can lead to multiple problems
that relate to healthy eating.
Bad eating habits can also create bad breath, bad breath is caused by food that is stuck in your teeth, and bacteria grows on it and creates the compounds that release these bacteria to cause bad breath.
when you have breakfast I know that most of you open a can of pop, or you have some fruit juice, to eat with your breakfast, (if you even have one). Or you just take the fluids.

So the thing is when you skip breakfast, you become tired and your brain and body feel the same way too. A few hours before lunch you might feel tiered so you might have something sugary, like a candy bar or some coffee to wake you up before you fall asleep. This might work for a little while but by lunch you will be, angry and upset. This can also make you make unhealthy choices for food in the afternoon.
Here are some websites that can help you with your healthy eating when you are not so sure about what to eat and if it’s healthy.

~ www.kidshealth.org
~ www.hc-sc.gc.ca
Who tells kids our age, (12-14) what to eat? 24% comes from magazines, books and pamphlets, 18% comes from TV, radio and newspapers, last but not least
48% comes from FAMILY!
Here’s a question, if you drink juice instead of pop in the morning is it any better?
Let’s take a look.............
Here is something interesting, you’re putting this…..
I hope you all enjoyed my presentation and remember, healthy eating does pay off.
By: Amundeep.Chaggar
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