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History of Universe of Warcraft

No description

Benjamin Van Rietvelde

on 1 February 2011

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Transcript of History of Universe of Warcraft

Titans Eonar Pantheon Norgannon Khaz'Goroth Aggramar Golganneth Sargeras Aman'thul Aman'thul High-Father Aesir Male Weapon: Orodur Creator of worlds Sargeras Brother to Aman'thul Male Vanir Champion of the Pantheon Leader of the Burning Legion Eonar Lifebinder Female Vanir Consort to Aman'thul Wielder of Gorribal Aggramar Male Vanir Warrior of the Pantheon Wielder of Taeshalach Khaz'Goroth Male Vanir The Shaper Vulraiis Norgannon Male Aesir Keeper of Lore and Master of Magic Golganneth Aesir Male Son of Aman'thul and Eonar Shargahn The Thunderer
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