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The War of 1812

This project is for history , on the war of 1812.

Amber Ridley

on 30 March 2010

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Transcript of The War of 1812

The war of 1812 Causes of the war in 1812. - Trade Barriers - Britain's Stop-and-search traids. - Britian's Aboriginal Allies. - The American War Hawks. General Isaac Brock General Issac Brock was
one of Canada's early war
heroes.Born on the island of
Guernsey and joined the British
army at age 15. General Brock was one of the many
soldiers to die in the war of 1812. Brock started at 15 yrs old Trade Barriers The Americans were cought in the
middle of a fight between britian
and france.Britian and france have
been at war since 1793. The Americans
wanted to trade freely with any country
they chose but the war created problems
for them. Britains stop-and-search traids The british navy was stopping
and searching American ships
for another reason. They were searching
for a runaway british sailers who they
believed were hiding on american vessels.
Britians Aboriginal Allies The US congress , some american frontiermens
were pushing for war with britian.They accused
the Aboriginal people of attacks on American frontier
settlements . They believed that this was a good reason for the United States to go to war with Britian. The American War Hawks The War Hawks were anxious for war. They beliebed it was time to get even with Britian. The Unite Sates had been insulted enough by the stop-and-search tactics of the Brtish Navy. The War Hawks believed that the United States would soon control all of North American. An attack on Canada was the first step and it was the easiest way t get to Britian. Thank you for watching/listening to my
presentation on the War of 1812. By: A;RIDLEY , (: Major Events of 1812 General Brock , the British military
commander , had the task of defending
Upper Canada. He knew it was essential
that the St.Lawrence River remain open
for supplies and ammunition from Britian.
He had only 5000 regular British troops to
quard 19 000 km of border. Because Britian
was busy at war in Europe , there was no hope
of any more help. There were only 100 000 people
in all of Upper Canada. Many of them were recent American Immigrants , and this worried General Brock.
He wondered , would these newcomers help him?

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