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eman ahmed

eman ahmed

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Ataturk

ATATURK Who is ATATURK ?? Mustafa Kamal Ataturk *He was born in May 19, 1881 * selanik city of Greek *The Wolf and ATATURK his M I L I T A R Y in 1915 he emerged as a military hero at the Dardanelles-Gallipoli His success and fast growing reputation disturbed
the capital and to keep him under control he
was promoted to Pasha ( General ). In 1916:- * two main provinces in esat Antalia * worked as leader in many Ottoman army * stop the animes from enter Halab by 1919: going ashore at Samsun, a coastal town in the Black Sea to get the independence war which it was
against the goverment and the sultan in April 23, 1920 the council was creadted and select
ATATURK to president it by large nations
in 1922 the Turkish army won the final fight in several weeks 1- The main area in Turkey bacame
( m7rrah bl kamel) 2- they singned " el hdnah" 3- ent'ha el 7km el 3thmany by 1923 the goverment singned the treaty of lozan with
" British, France, Uonan and Italy ATATURK became the First Presdent Of Turkey What Ataturk did in Turkey ?! In 1923, as the creator of the new Republic of Turkey, Atatürk established a form of government that reflected the wishes of the people thru the Parliament.
Sweeping cultural and socio-political reforms took place. Between 1926 and 1930, legal changes led the way for Islamic religious laws to be abolished and a secular system emerged. Atatürk initiated a program
for economic development
in Turkey, which consisted
of agricultural expansion,
industrial and technological
advances. Atatürk undertook the greatest challenge of all, a reform of the existing language. In 1928, he decided to abolish the Arabic script and incorporated the Latin alphabet with the Turkish. His Death Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was President for
15 years, until his death in 1938, on November
10th. His achievements are a legacy to the modern
state of Turkey and he is considered a pioneer of
national liberation. Today his Mausoleum is in Ankara.
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