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GP presentaion

Presentation for EDFI 6420: Research in EducationThis presentation gives a brief overview about experimental designs for research. It covers what experimental designs are, when to use them, characteristics of an experiment, and factors to keep in mind wh

James Wilson

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of GP presentaion

Statistical Advancement
e.g. Chi-square & significance of difference Campbell and Stanley identify 15 types of experimental designs 1963 Types of basic designs and threats elaborated upon 1979 More complex and sophistocated experiments, involving many variables TEENS & DRUGS Interventions Why I chose
this topic 3 Points of research The effects of drugs on teens
What factors cause teens to resort to substance abuse
How you can avoid substance abuse Peer Pressure What is peer pressure? Constant pressure asserted to teen after he/she has made intentions clear Name calling and insults made towards teens to make them feel bad about their decision Common signs of peer pressure
occuring The Science of Addiction The limbic system in every person's brain has whats called a "reward" circuit.
The reward circuit is what allows dopamine to flow through the brain.
Dopamine is produced by feelings of pleasure.
Drug Avoidance methods School orginazations such as SADD Drug Addiction Help Lines 1. 2. Is an orchestrated attempt by one, or often many people to get someone to seek profesional help with addiction to drugs or other substances. Peer pressure is when someone in your age group tries to pressure you into doing something you were intially hesitant about Examples The 3 phase process JUST SAY NO Avoid substance
and substance users Avoid illegal substances
Avoid people using the substance How teens are helping prevent drug use
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