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How to use Trackmania in the classroom

Stephanie Hendy

on 26 July 2010

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Transcript of Trackmania

http://www.trackmania.com/ Here are some suggestions of ways to
use the game in the classroom: Record times of races and plot on a graph

Document medals achieved from races Calculate the speed of cars using the time and distance

Students can write a blog as though they are a famous race car driver Students can design their car and do a screenshot – make a 3D model of their car or draw it. Design and build a track

Ask students to race each others tracks and give feedback Identify the flags of other countries Go to this link to see examples of Trackmania videos.

http://www.tm-tube.com/ Tasks using Videos Make a Music Video Add voices by acting as commentators and discuss the race Add voices by acting as the driver of the car and discuss what is happening Create an advertisement for item relating to cars and use footage from the videos Create a documentary on a racing car driver Learning Creativity Skills Decision Making Problem Solving
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