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Mystery of Heroism

Written by: Stephan Crane Prezi done by: Nick Patel, Joshua Duenas, Jazmine Cooper, Samantha Cannon

nickhil patel

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Mystery of Heroism

Stephan Crane Childhood
Born on November 7, 1871 in Newark, New Jersey.
He was born to Johnathan Townley Crane, who was a minister, and Mary Helen Peck Crane.

Childhood (cont.)
He had fourteen brothers and sisters but four of them had died within one year of their birth.
So he had eight surviving brothers and sisters and one brother nicknamed "Stevie" had joined them.

Fall of 1885, he enrolled at Pennington Seminary which focused on ministry.
Two years after enrolling into Pennington, he left for Claverack College which was a Quasi-Military school.

Cadet Crane at age 17 Schooling (cont.)
His family wanted him to pursue more than a military career and transfer to Lafayette College in Pennsylvania.
His family wanted him to transfer to Lafayette to pursue his mining engineering degree.

Writing Style & Technique
Crane's style of fiction consists of three categorys,
* Realism
* Naturalism
* Impressionism
Or even all three combined.
Major Themes
His themes were driven by naturalistic and realistic concerns, which includes ideal vs. reality, and spiritual crisis and fear.
Types of Writing
*Short Storys (Fiction)

Crane is considered by many, one of the most innovative writers of the 1890's.
He was said to be the finest creative spirit of his time. Writing
At 14, he wrote his first story, "Uncle Jack and the Bell Handle"
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