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Book 24 THe iliad

No description

Ruby Marquez

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Book 24 THe iliad

Apollo,protects Hector’s corpse from damage and rot and keeps off dogs and scavengers
The gods despise Troy, but have little respect to Hector, so they just want to help Priam to get Hector's corpse back.
on the twelfth day after Hector’s death, Apollo persuades Zeus that Achilles must let Hector’s body be ransomed. Zeus sends Thetis to calm down achilles and tell him to return HECTOR'S CORSPE FOR RANSOM, while Iris goes to Priam to instruct him to initiate the ransom. Hecuba fears that Achilles will kill her husband, but Zeus reassures her by sending an eagle as a good omen.
Priam sleeps in Achilles’ tent, but Hermes comes to him in the middle of the night and rouses him, warning him that he must not sleep among the enemy. Priam and Idaeus wake, place Hector in their chariot, and slip out of the camp unnoticed.
Zeus sends Hermes disguised as a soldier, to guide Priam through the Achaean camp.

Priam tearfully supplicates Achilles begging for Hector’s body. Priam grabs Achilles' knees and kisses his hands to make Achilles think of his own father, Peleus, and the love between them. Achilles weeps for his father and for Patroclus. He accepts the ransom and agrees to give the corpse back
Achilles continues mourning Patroclus and abusing Hector’s body, dragging it around Patroclus tomb.
Apollo so outraged because Achilles has been disrespecting the body of Hector.
Book 24 THe iliad

All of the women in Troy, from Andromache to Helen, cry out in grief when they first see Hector’s body. For nine days the Trojans prepare Hector’s funeral pyre—Achilles has given them a reprieve from battle. The Trojans light Hector’s pyre on the tenth day
Hecuba wishes that she could eat Achilles' raw to pay back Hector's death
The burial took 12 days to finish
Presented by:

Ruby Alizza Marquez

Elijah Sandoval

Ngan Truong
Period 6
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