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Orville Gibson

No description

Katherine Ann

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Orville Gibson

Orville Gibson
Founder of Gibson Guitars
Biography Information
Orville Gibson was born in 1856 in rural New York.
He was the son of Amy Nichols and John Gibson.
The youngest of four, Orville grew up in Chateaugay, New York
Orville was never married
Orville Gibson has not been found to have any education past the basic schooling offered when he was young.
Previous Work Experience
Orville worked many odd jobs before making music part of his career.
He clerked in a shoe store and worked at a restaurant at a young age.
Woodworking and music were hobbies of his at the time
By Katherine Harvey
What made Gibson an Entrepreneur
Orville Gibson founded the Gibson Guitar Company in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1896.
He initially purchased a 10ft by 12ft space for his company, and only produced six or seven instruments annually at first.
Unlike other producers at the time, Orville used one solid piece of unstressed wood to create his instruments, producing a richer, more superior tone.
Effect on the Industry
Gibson's idea of carving instruments from one solid piece of wood was a dramatic change from the standard method, and allowed for better sounding mandolins, lutes, and guitars.
His archtop guitar design marked the beginning of a significant development in American guitar making.
Gibson Guitars Today
Today, Gibson is the number one name in guitars
The business now manufactures electric, bass, and acoustic guitars, Baldwin pianos, mandolins, ukuleles, and various instrument care products and accessories.
Although the company was bought from Orville Gibson, his name and influence has continued for over a hundred years.
Gibson leaves his Company
Unable to produce instruments as quickly as orders were coming in, Gibson was convinced to sell his company and patents to five Kalamazoo businessmen for $2,500 in October of 1902. He was not included as a partner, he served as an ill-paid adviser.
After moving back to New York in 1909, Gibson's health began to fail. He was hospitalized multiple times for the last years of his life
Orville died on August 21, 1918 at a psychiatric center.
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