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French and Indian war

No description

Gene Monahan

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of French and Indian war

French and Indian war
By Michael Rashad
The French and Indian war began in North America in 1754 and later spread to Europe. Native American's fought for both sides , but mostly for the French
The War begins
By the mid- 1700, both France and Britain had formed alliances with many of the Native American tribes in Ohio Valley. In June 1714, colonial leaders met at Albany, New York, to talk about how to deal with the French forces. they sent representatives including Ben Franklin. he said the the colonies should unite to fight the french later the british governor send 150 soldiers to Build a small fort to spy on the French fort Duquesne the Virginians tried to take over the fort but were massively outnumbered and this had started the french and indian war.
Alliances and Fighting
The colonists knew they needed help if they were going to win the war.
The War Expands
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