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Inquiry Project

No description

Kimberly Zerio

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of Inquiry Project

Inquiry Project About Akira Kurosawa By: Kimberly Zerio Akira Kurosawa March 23rd, 1910:
Born 1943: First film was created When I learned that Kurosawa directed 29 films
during his career,I inferred that he was a major director Since Kurosawa won many awards with Rashomon
I inferred that this was a large leap in his career 1950: Rashomon was debuted 1954: Seven Samurai Influenced western film (The Magnificent Seven) Family:
7 siblings, Mom and dad I learned that Kurosawa
was influenced by 1920s French
avante-garde films while making Rashomon 1957: The Throne
of Blood came out I learned that The Throne of Blood
was based on Shakespear's Macbeth Based on this, as well as the creation of the movie Ran
I was able to infer that Kurosawa was into English literature 1946: WW II ended A Bug's Life by
Pixar was also based
off of Seven Samurai 1958: The Hidden Fortress was debuted George Lucas used this film
To inspire scenes for Star Wars Hidden
Fortress Star
Wars Both The Hidden Fortress and Star Wars have:
A princess and protector and two sidekicks 1960: Yojimbo Western film "A Fistful
of Dollars" featuring
Clint Eastwood was based off
Yojimbo This timeline is not all inclusive.
It is just events I thought were major in his life 1975: Dersu Uzala Came out Kurosawa went to
Siberia to shoot it The film was actually in Russian 1985: Kurosawa made his
last movie, Ran Based on King Lear
by William Shakespear 1998: Kurosawa died
from a stroke in Tokyo Questions before research: How is he Imortant? What events did he live through? How big was his family? Questions during Research: What are "spaghetti westerns"? Why was he unfit for the army? Who is Andrei Tarkovsky? Questions left after research: What other films that came out that have been influenced by Kurosawa? What new films have used the
"Rashomon Effect"? There is an effect called "The Rashomon Effect"
which explains the relativity of the truth and subjectivity of memory Creation of the antihero Is there any Japanese directorwho is/will be as influential as Kurosawa I have learned alot by doing this project and
one of the most interesting thing I have learned
was that American western were influenced by
eastern films. My personal response I never thought about how far someone can influence things.
Not only did Kurosawa influence movies, but he is mentioned
in "La Vie Boheme" In the musical rent as well as
The Bare Naked Ladies song, "One Week". The "Rashomon effect"
is also used in many different fields of study, from anthropology to law. In my opinion, I think that Akira Kurosawa is an artistic genius
whose influence knows no bounds. It would be interesting
to see what new films have also been inspired by his work. Thanks for watching
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