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My Ten Destinations

No description

Kylie Landrigan

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of My Ten Destinations

Juneau, Alaska, USA
In Juneau, Alaska there are may things to do including hunting fishing boating and hiking.And those are my favorite things to do outside. I really want to here because of all the activities it has.I would really want to go on an Alaska cruise. I love to go and take photographs of what nature has to offer. My grandparents have been here and brought back many souvenirs. there are also national parks with many bears and other animals. Alaska has many bear species there in different areas.
Queen Charlotte Island, Canada
Queen Charlotte Island is off the western coast of Canada. It is also known as the Haida Gwaii islands. I would go fishing there because it has a plentiful fish population. My dad went there to go salmon fishing and cought a bunch. He also said there were a bunch of animals including eagles. I would love to go there because i love to fish and watch wildlife and i would also love to go to Canada.
This is their Logo for the lodge in which my dad stayed for the fishing trip.

And below is the lodge.
Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
The reason I would like to go here is to discover the different traits of mexico in this area. I also love the sand beaches and finding all of the things such as seashells along the sea. I like watchiing the fish and other animals swim, crawl, or just squirming along or in the ocean. My favorite time to see the beach is at sunset.
Lime, Peru
The reason I would like to go here is to see the the buildings. The Peru building are different than ours. It also has a beach I would like to see. It is also has one of the worlds largest fountain parks in which I would like to visit. Another inspiration is one of my dads friends went to Peru and said it was great.
Santiago, Chili
I would like to see the structures in the land and the mountains. I would like to visit the theme park

I would also like to view the
Chilean National ​Zoo​
to see the animals they have their and not in America. the wild land would be great just to explore and relax. I love to just go outside and relax.

Rio De Janeiro
Jamacia, Caribbeans
Louisiana Bayou
Yellow Stone
Washington DC
I would love to go to Rio De Janeiro because I would like to see the god statue and swim in the ocean. I would love to walk through the rainforests of Rio to see the exotic animals. Also I would also ride in a hang glider across the land. Last, i would go and follow a river and look at the exotic fish and marine life.
My Ten Destinations
I would like to go to Jamacia to swim, and explore. My Step-grandparents went There and got shirts for my family. They stayed at
Sandals Resort

It is very nice and would be my choice of place to stay. I would also love to swim with the dolphins. That was always one of my wishes to do if I ever went to the Caribbeans.
I would love to go here because I would go alligator hunting which my dad did. I also like the scenery in the swamp with all of the different species. My new favorite meal from there is alligator when I can get it. I would also love to see the Mardi gras celebration.
I would love to see Yellow Stone because of Old Faithful and the other geysers. Also, I would take a tour and see all of the forest. I would visit it in the winter to see the wolves in action. They interest me. And so i could see the hot water of the geysers melt the snow around it.
I am going to Washington DC this summer with my family. We are going to the different sections of the Smithsonian. My mom and me want to go to the zoological segment of it. We are going to see the capital, the White House and the national museums the have. My mom is very exited to rid the subways. I also want to go to the science segment of the Smithsonian.
The End
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