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Chapter 9 Rise of the Metis.o

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inker linkewich

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Chapter 9 Rise of the Metis.o

cole and brandon The Metis rise up Louis Riel The manitoba act The red river metis Thomas scott The metis were from french and
native desendance Their life styles were mostly farming and hunting.
The Metis had the largest population. The Metis were upset at the Canadian government because they were trying to take their land and kick the off it. The Metis in South Branch had to recreate their communities. They continued their anual buffalo hunt. The second Metis uprising was in 1885 and had many simularities to the Red River Resistance. It was about moving up north and recreating a new community. The Metis were experiencing rappid change. French and English begun moving into their land after the red river resistance. Louis Riel was the Metis' leader. His goals were to have thier own government and to have their own rights. Louis Riel was hung after the Red River Resistance Some thought Riel was a hero for trying to give the Metis rights. Others thought he was a traighter for going against the Canadian government. The Red River is in lower Manitoba. Prezitation By The Red River Resistance were the Metis and were reasisting against the government. This happened because the the government was trying to take the land. The Act was a compomise because people felt they had a stake in how the Red River uprising was resolved. Some of the changes in the act was they acknowledged the natives to rights to land, and the same with the Metis. It also made french and english the official lanuages of Manitoba. The Thomas Scott affair started in Febuary 1870, and ended in March 1870, when Thomas Scott was shot. He was the president ofCanadian government. Riel could have spared his life, but chose not to. The End The Metis moved west after the Red River Resistance.
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