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Flow of Energy


Tim Gwynn

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Flow of Energy

The flow of energy
tIm gwynn
Upon completion of the flow of energy lesson, 6th grade science students will create a presentation, using Prezi (http://prezi.com/), showing the flow of energy from the sun to producers to consumers to decomposers, with 90% accuracy.
Students will used the web-based presentations software, Prezi (http://prezi.com/), will be used to create a final product for this activity.
“Now that we see how energy flows, in pairs, you will use the internet to research organisms that energy could flow through beginning with the sun and ending with a decomposer. Not only must your consider the order of energy flow, but you must also rely on your knowledge of the food chain. The organisms you choose must be in the correct context. For example a killer whale would not eat a cricket, therefore it not make sense for your chart to move from a cricket to a killer whale. When you have finished researching your organisms, you will create a flow chart in Prezi, showing us the path the energy will follow as well as the organisms the energy will move through. If you choose, you may use some text to help explain the process, but keep it simple and to the point.”
Choice: Not only do students get to choose how they will find their information on the internet, but they can choose any organisms they desire to complete the Prezi.
Collaboration: By working in pairs, students can combined there knowledge and skills to create something better than they may have created individually.

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