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Ian Christian (Saturn)


tina moneypenny

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Ian Christian (Saturn)

V.S. Saturn Earth Fact Saturn is 800x bigger than the earth. Moons Earth and Saturn both have moons. BUT...... Saturn has 18!!!! and Earth has 1. Rings Saturn has 9 rings Facts about the rings
The rings are made of ice, rocks, and dust Weight Earth's weight is approximatley 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 pounds!!!!!!!! no body really knows how much saturn really weighs but here is one way of trying to figure it out how much you would weigh on Saturn, multiply you weight by 1.066 yet Temeperature the lowest temurature that
the earth can go to is around -90
degrees Celcius on the other hand the lowest Saturn has gone so far is -230 degrees F or -146.5
degrees C. On the contrary, Earth has 0 :( Distance from the sun Earth's distance from the sun on avrage is 150 millon kms. However......... Saturn is on average 1.43 billon km from the sun!!! How long it takes to go around the sun It takes Earth 365 days to orbit around the sun. Although.... It takes Saturn 29.4 earth years to orbit around the sun.(slow or what??) Thank you for watching our prezi we hoped you liked it because if you didn't i will find you and you wont want that. hi
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