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SPCE 302 Final Project Peyton Spurgin

No description

Peyton Spurgin

on 1 May 2017

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Transcript of SPCE 302 Final Project Peyton Spurgin

Visual Impairment
Peyton Spurgin
SPCE 302 Final Project
Spring 207

Seating & Proximity
This student will sit at the front of the class to:
View the Board easier
Read lips if needed
Overall environment

Large print signs with classroom information
Wide Walkways for students with canes or dogs
Braille Print
Assistive Technology
Reading Pen
Large Computer
Braille Technology
Auditory Access Devises
social Involvement
Classroom Peer Assistance System
Collaborative Learning groups
Hearing Impairment
Seating & Proximity
This student will sit at the front of the class to:
Easily View the Board and teacher's face
Easily View Hand Gestures
Overall environment

Visuals for activities and classroom expectations
Images and Written Text
social Involvement
Teach all students hand signals to communicate
Assistive Technology
Hearing Aids
FM Systems
Seating & Proximity
The student will have a defined area. This will be near the teacher so they can:
make eye contact
carefully monitor the student
Overall environment

Clearly defined areas
Daily schedule
Visual Aids
social Involvement
Collaborative Learning Groups
Peer Buddy System
One-on-One Communication
Assistive Technology
Interactive technology (iPads, tablets)
Books on tape
Classroom map
Classroom Should be:
Spacious with wide enough aisles
defined with areas
decorated with visual aids
limited of distractions
appropriate for
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