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QuickSilver X

No description

Brianna Bidwell

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of QuickSilver X

QuickSilver X Silverware Rolling Machine Mission Vision Market Research Competition? Target Market Next Steps? portable & affordable compact & storable sort, sanitize, roll adjustable settings To create an efficient way that will gaurantee guest's at a restuarant will be provided with clean and sanitary utensils to eat from To minimize the risk of spreading germs, bacteria and food borne illnesses by eliminating direct hand contact. Within the next 5 years, have a silverware rolling machine developed that will be sold to and used in restaurants across the U.S. Be making a profit. Hospitality Industry Workforce Target 30 + Male or Female Living in the United States Benefits 18 + phone interviews restaurant managemers friends corporate industry workers positive reactions from everyone! a lot were surprised a product like this has not yet developed and others were excited about it. Also, most feedback agreed that it is a GREAT way to eliminate germs, bacteria and the spreading of food and disease. No direct competition with another product. Restaurants not wanting to spend additional money on a product where there is already a solution to getting silverware rolled. Important to market the "difference" between the use of QuickSilver X versus direct hand contact and extra employee labor time. 1. Find the funds . . . 2. find and engineer who can create a product similiar to my idea 4. start a web-based cite on-line . . . including pictures, pricing, features and benefits, size, a 'how to' demonstration video, and additional information about the product 5. market & advertise - continue visiting restaurants and speaking with hospitality industry leaders about their thoughts on this product. 3. test out the product in restaurants and businesses within the area. 6. sell it! start making a profit . . . Brianna Bidwell
ENT 150
4.21.10 The latest in the restaurant industry . . .
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