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No description

Kiersten Bethea

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of FACEBOOK FIXES

Double click anywhere & add an idea PROBLEM: OVERUSE of Online Communities: THE [FACEBOOK FEVER] THESIS: Online Communities, like Facebook, have become one of today's most prevalent past times. People are thrilled to be able to reach out and connect with past & present friends. However, there are negative aspects of these communities. Among these negativities are: Addiction Time Consumption Online Predators Cyberbullying Lack of Privacy OUR SOLUTION: Facebook Entry Photos CONSEQUENCES *ONLY attractive people can use Facebook services for free, so if you look like this: OR like this DON'T EVEN BOTHER *YOU [WILL] BE BILLED IMMEDIATELY IF OUR PHOTO REVIEWERS LABEL YOU UNATTRACTIVE. We are quite aware that some may find this new policy unfair, but life's rough... These things happen. Those who disagree with this new policy are probably the unattractive people anyway, perhaps plastic surgery should be taken into consideration. Although this new policy may create issues such as Facebook withdrawal symptoms among the "ugly" infected population (for those who choose not to pay the fee), we feel that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages drastically.
Because many members of the ugly population will have more time on their hands, they will have the opportunity to focus more on their appearance-- which in the longrun will do us all a favor :) No more ugly online predators. Now the old guy creeping on you will ATLEAST be attractive! More productivity among the ugly population. Considering that there are quite a few unnattractive Facebook members who will probably not be willing to pay a fee for a service that others are getting for free, there will be less people "overusing" facebook. Many people (those too ugly or too shy to approach people face to face) use online communities like Facebook for dating purposes. If you belong to this population of individuals, atleast now you can count on the fact that there willl be MORE HOT people on the web! *ATTENTION*
For unnattractive people, Facebook use will cost a whopping $250.00/month!
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