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Teaching Students and Managing Instruction

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John Hopkins

on 27 February 2016

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Transcript of Teaching Students and Managing Instruction

Inquiry Based vs Direct Instruction
The new age learning system is inquiry based learning. With this students will be leading the class and learning things through research and trying things hands on. Direct instruction is the classic way to learn where the students sit there and listen to the teacher. These are vastly different and I see the use of both. Sometimes teachers must just teach the information in the direct way. This can be needed for simple things like math facts, learning about locations on a map. I feel like direct instruction is good for learning the basics but after that students need to be able to move on and discover their education on their own.
Curriculum Mapping
With curriculum mapping I see how it is mostly about planning and making sure the curriculum goes smoothly. It is always wise to plan things out so when there are hiccups they will not be too much of an intrusion. I see this when I map out my curriculum. When planning it is necessary to link things with standards and make sure the lessons flow in an orderly manner.
Using Social Media
Edmodo and Class Dojo are great ways to connect with students and teachers. I use them in my class to inform parents and post assignments. The Class Dojo is a great way to inform parents on how their student is behaving. It is an app that is used on the phone. You can tell the parents instantly is their child did something good or bad. I love it as it keeps parents and students in line so the instruction goes much better.
BYOT/One on One Learning
Bringing your own technology is great thing. At my school we do not have an abundance of technology. The school does not allow it but it would be great if students could bring in their tablets so more learning could happen. Hopefully one day we will have technology for all students. One on one learning is great. I love the few times when I have time to work one on one with students. I teach 50-80 kids at a time so it is hard. I can see when I am one on one the kids appreciates it and they seem to learn the skill better.
Cloud Computing
Cloud computing has changed the way we save and store information. With this Prezi I am doing right now and countless other applications, they are saved automatically and can be accessed anywhere. It is a great thing but the big problem is when there is no internet. I have seen teachers lose their minds when they cannot teach their lesson just because the internet is down.
Using Digital Learning
Digital learning is a great way to get through to students. I see at my school how so many teachers use projectors, presentations, tablets, and computers to get through to their students. This enables students to see their information and get instant feedback on their work. I live making quizzes and instantly the students can see how they did and how they can improve.
Teaching Students and Managing Instruction
Digital Learning Environments
by John Hopkins
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