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Who You Know

Is it really all about who you know?

Mike Kolker

on 4 August 2015

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Transcript of Who You Know

Who You Know Is it really all about who you know? husband, father, son, brother, friend
relationship manager, entertainer, connector
dreamer Mike OBJECTIVE: to inform, entertain & inspire INTRODUCTION DECISIVE:
family | OR | friends INTELLECTUAL:
google | OR | guru ENVIRONMENTAL:
house party | OR | night out
board of directors | OR | just a member
on stage | OR | in the audience
on the team | OR | in the stands
on facebook | OR | in a coffee shop PART 1: the past Where did you come from? interaction (worksheet) Scan | Capture | Write SNAPSHOT MEMORIES:
quick brainstorm FAMILY FRIENDS OTHER
RELATIONSHIPS immediate (parents, guardians, siblings)
extended (cousins, aunts, uncles)
multiple generations (children, grandparents, great-grandparents)
childhood | high school | college/adult/other neighbors, your parents’/guardians’ friends
teachers, coaches, religious leaders
colleagues, supervisors, shift managers Evaluate + = positive
- = negative
* = both PART 2: the present Where are you now? PERSONAL PROFESSIONAL PERIPHERAL family, friends, companions
those with whom you have frequent interaction with
daily, weekly, monthly contact contacts/competitors, colleagues, mentors
those that you have regular interaction with
you connect occasionally, monthly, annually entertainers, thought leaders, historical figures
minimal or no verbal/physical interaction with
one-sided connections (digital, audio or visual influence) Evaluate + = positive
- = negative
* = both (worksheet) refer | record | reflect SNAPSHOT MEMORIES:
choose three On your last day...
what would they say? PART 3: the future Where do you want to go? RE-ORGANIZE RE-CREATE RE-CONNECT RE-CREATE 1st: pinpoint someone that is a positive influence
2nd: mimic their success (think/perform/serve at that level)
3rd: surpass competition/mentors through innovation & creative insight Always say "Thank You"
Return the favor or pay it forward
Don't become a stranger - re-kindle the "fire" DESIRED
OUTCOMES inspire & aspire | pinpoint influence | show (creative) appreciation So...is it really all about who you know? In life... the "who you know" is certainly important...
but a strong focus on the "what you have done"
(for the people you know) is essential. Thank You for being here today. Evaluate What other types of "inspiration" could you collect?

Name one of your positive influences?
What do they do? How could you "mimic"that?

Have you ever paid it forward? If so...describe how.

DIVIDE (into groups)

DETERMINE (final thoughts on the worksheet)

DISCUSS (your answers with your small group) YOU CAN'T CHANGE PEOPLE... family
you can't choose them (but you can choose how to treat them)

you can't choose them (but you can choose to respect them)

you CAN choose them (but you can't choose their actions)
You can't change people...
you can only influence behaviors. - [ Russ Lane ]
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