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Social Impact Bonds_UVA

No description

Emily Gustafsson-Wright

on 8 December 2016

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Transcript of Social Impact Bonds_UVA

1. Introduction
2. Impact Bond 101
Impact Bond Funds
51 Active Social and Development Impact Bonds
(as of September 22, 2015)

Top 10 Claims about Impact Bonds
United Kingdom: 31 SIBs
14 Employment
7 Homelessness/Employment
2 Homelessness
5 Family Support
2 Health
1 Criminal Justice
United States: 8 SIBs
3 Criminal Justice
2 Homelessness
1 Homelessness/Family Support
2 Education
Australia: 3 SIBs
2 Family Support
1 Homelessness
Germany: 1 SIB
1 Employment
The Netherlands: 2 SIBs
2 Employment
Belgium: 1 SIB
1 Employment
Canada: 1 SIB
1 Family Support
Portugal: 1 SIB
1 Education
4. Landscape of Impact Bonds
3. Strengths of Impact Bonds
Basic Impact Bond Mechanics
Source: Authors' research
Landscape of Impact Bonds
Three Promising Trends
5. Findings
Thank you!
Niche sectors with complex inputs and simple outputs
Time and expertise intensive
Flexibility in deal structure and player roles
Keys to deal development:
1. Measurable outcomes
2. Evidence of intervention impact
3. Dedication of all stakeholders
Strengths of Impact Bonds:
Mixed evidence:
Emily Gustafsson-Wright
Fellow, The Brookings Institution
Social Impact Bond (SIB)
is outcome funder

Development Impact Bond (DIB)
third party
is outcome funder
What burning question do you have about impact bonds?
Moment to think...
Switzerland: 1 SIB
1 Employment
Social Impact Bond
(SIB) is the term used globally, although
not a bond
Pay for Success (PfS) Contract
Social Impact Bond (SIB)
Social Benefit Bond (SBB)
Applications to early childhood development in low- and middle-income countries: December 2015
Follow us on twitter:
Report on Brookings Institution website
Note on terminology:
SIBs have reached a relatively small number of beneficiaries
Impact Bond development process
Social welfare and employment
Fairly small in size
Too soon to tell:
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