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Why Do People Ivory Poach And How Can It Be Stopped???

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Library Media

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Why Do People Ivory Poach And How Can It Be Stopped???

What does the E stand for in E.I.P.???
How can E.I.P. be stopped???
The E stands for elephants. Now here's a little bit about elephants. An elephant is a large land animal that is gray. Also an elephant has this bone/tooth which is called a tusk . A tusk is sticking out of his or her body near their mouth. The average adult female elephant weighs about 300-325 pounds. But on the other hand the average male weighs about 325-375 pounds. The average weight of a baby elephant is about 100-275 pounds. An elephant also has some other interesting features such as their large ears and trunk. A trunk is a body part that all elephants have even when they are born. There are 3 different types of elephants in the world there is African, Asian and Indian.
Here are some pictures of stuff people have made out of elephant's tusks
How E.I.P. can be stopped is quite simple actually there are only 3 small steps.

1) Never buy anything with ivory in it.

2) Try to give money to people who protest to save elephants.

3) Try to raise money for elephants.

This slide shows and tells you a little bit more about ivory.
A tusk is made of ivory and very beautiful. Elephants grow tusks around age 5 and use them for defense and hunting; they can live without them as long as it's cut far from their skin. Scientists say elephants are becoming close to becoming extinct because of demand for their tusks.
What is E.I.P.???
Elephant ivory poaching (E.I.P) is when someone captures an elephant and slaughters it with a tool such as an ax or gun. The reason they do it is for the elephant's tusks. Ivory poachers kill 96 elephants a day in Africa.
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By: Maddie
Why Do People Poach Ivory And How Can It Be Stopped???
A close up to elephants.

E.I.P. stands for Elephant Ivory Poaching
This is a picture of a graph on which is showing which place in Africa that they kill the most elephants. Tanzania, Africa has the most dead elephants.
These pictures show a graph and an elephants tusk.
This might help give you an idea of what people do with elephant's tusk. This is in a museum so you can't buy it but they would
How has E.I.P. changed over years???
In 1970 E.I.P. started nobody really knew what to do with the elephants tusks and body parts. They just killed them to make money. But instead the lost more money by buying the tools to kill the elephants. So they started to sell the tusks and body parts. At first nobody wanted any until they made stuff out of it. Then everyone wanted some and they were so popular they started to just sell the tusk as it was. In 2000 people actually started trading the ivory. Laws were made but not very good ones and to this day those laws stay the same.
Why do people love ivory???
One of the reasons people love ivory is because people love the color
and ivory is white. Another reason people like it is because of what they make out of the ivory.
What does black market have to do with E.I.P.???
My independent investigation is about elephant ivory poaching. You will learn about E.I.P., where it happens and how interesting elephants are.
Well first of all black market is anywhere in the world where people sell and buy illegal things. So people sell tusks for illegal prices and they sell stolen tusks.
How do they smuggle tusks???
Ivory is a tooth/bone sticking out of a rhinos and elephants near their mouth.


Hurt something for something that is has.
People hide elephants tusks in almost anywhere but they hide the tusks from the police because the police would arrest the people with the ivory.
Live Binders
Dr.Paddy Ryan
Carson Jones
End elephants slaughter
My Interview
part 1
I did an interview with a guy named Carson Jones. These are the questions I asked him.
1. What's your opinion on E.I.P.?
2. Have you ever seen an elephant killed?
3. Do you think it's interesting or disgusting that elephants are being killed for their ivory?
4. How hard is it for someone to catch an elephant? What do you have to do to catch an elephant?
5. Do you think ivory poaching will end soon?
My Interview
part 2

My Opinion

The Websites I Used
1. http://wwf.panda.org/what_we_do/endangered_species/elephants/african_elephants/afelephants_threats/
2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivory_trade
3. http://africanindaba.com/2014/04/poaching-in-africa-facts-causes-and-solutions-april-2014-volume-12-3/
4. http://www.ifaw.org/sites/default/files/Threats%20to%20Elephants%20Fact-Sheet.pdf
5. Dr Paddy Ryan : Why are Elephants Gray?

6. Illegal Ivory in the US - WorldWildlife.org‎

Answers to my questions that I asked Carson Jones.
1. During the hunting of most animals the entire animal is used. The meat can be eaten and the bones and skin are used to make products.
2. Carson has never seen an elephant killed and he hopes to never witness it.
3. Many local people rely on the income that they receive from illegally poaching elephants to survive. Many native people have traditional uses for ivory. These are problems that we have solve before the poaching of elephants can be stopped.
4. Unfortunately, it is a lot less difficult than you might think to catch an elephant. They are not caught in traps, but chased using vehicles and then shot with large guns. Poachers know that all they are after is the ivory so they will use any means necessary to catch an elephant.
5. This campaign is put on by a collection of 218 zoos across the country and many in other countries have joined as well. They have educated visitors and pushed for stricter laws on ivory imports. Other countries, especially China, will have to get on board with outlawing the importation of ivory so that the demand for ivory will decrease in the dramatically.
My opinion on E.I.P. is that it's horrible. Partly because when we are being hurt we can call 911 but elephants on the other hand can't call 911. They can save themselves. Also we were all fine before they started killing elephants. So why can't they stop. The only difference their making is selling illegally and ruining poor elephants lives.
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