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Piggy/Glasses Quotes

No description

Jericho Carlos

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Piggy/Glasses Quotes

Piggy represents weakness and mental strength. He's a symbol of authority, democracy, & civilization. His glasses represent his intelligence and the ordered side of humanity. Quote #1: Piggy/Glasses Quotes. "I don't care what [you]
call me so long as...[it's not] what they
used to call me in school...They used
to call me 'Piggy'!" (Ch.1, Pg. 11)

This was stated when Ralph and Piggy were on the beach introducing themselves. You can notice Piggy's insecurity, It shows that the boys in his school made fun of "intelligence" and the underestimated on what he's capable of. It also happens on the Island. (Ex: Jack) Quote 2: "His specs-use them as burning glasses! (Ch. 2, Pg. 40)

This was said when Ralph and Jack were trying to figure out how to the start the fire on the mountain. Jack had the idea of using Piggy's glasses as the item to start the fire. This shows that Piggy's glasses is an important the can restore humanity. And since his glasses is also a symbol of power, it increased their chance of survival and the need to be rescued. Quote 5: Quote 3: "Piggy's glasses flew off and tinkled on the rocks." (Ch.4, Pg. 71)

Jacked smacked Piggy on the head because Piggy was yelling at him for being inconsiderate and letting out the fire; thus resulting his glasses to be broken. So when his glasses broke, it represented the last tie of humanity the boys have. And even though Piggy can't see physically, he can still notice that humanity is going towards the direction to corruption. Symbolism. By: Julius Gil Carlos
& Yasmine Ware. Quote 4: "But Piggy, for all his ludicrous body, had brains." (Ch. 5, Pg. 78)

After Jack let out the fire, Ralph called out an assembly. Even though Piggy is fat, he is not appreciated even though he has the brains. Intelligence is overlooked by the image it portrays.
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