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The Odyssey

The 12th chapter of: The Odyssey By: Homer

Hanna May Dailey

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of The Odyssey

The Sirens As odysseus continued his journey
Circe (a minor goddess of the
sea/daughter of Helios) forewarned
him of the danger ahead. Sirens
were in the path of the sailors.
Sirens were majority of the time,
very beautiful and seductive women.

Many times, sailors would be
drawn in by the sweet songs
of the sirens. This, ironically
lead to their death. The sirens
would massacre entire fleets
of men in one trip. Sirens many times took
the form of both human,
and bird. sometimes with the
head of a human and the body
of a bird. Or visversa As told to do by Circe,
Odysseus had his men
tie him to the main mast
of the ship. He endured the
songs of the sirens while
his men, with beezwax
earplugs, rowed them on,
out of their CURRENT
danger. They were soon to
sail into Scyla and Charybdis.
Fellow monsters of the sea
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