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Post Modern Media

No description

Stephen Ratcliffe-Jones

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Post Modern Media

Postmodern media Play Aesthetics intertextuality Self-referential Eclectism Pastiche Irony Parody Nilhilistic Postmodernism tries to come to terms with and understand a media-saturated society. The mass media, for example, were once thought of as holding up a mirror to, and thereby reflecting, a wider social reality. Now that reality is only definable in terms of surface reflection of the mirror. Strinati, 1992

General belief systems, including world religions, political ideologies. The breakdown of the distinction between culture and society. The Decline of Metanarratives An Emphasis On Style at the Expense of Substance Breakdown of the distinction between high culture and popular culture Confusions over Time and Space Strinati (1995)
The main features of postmodernism Baudrillard developed an idea that we in the West live in a simulacrum of our own lives. It is as though we only see worth in the images we relate to in the media so whenever we do anything we judge it beside our idealised image of ourselves. Baudrillard claims that postmodern society has replaced all reality and meaning with symbols and signs, and that the human experience is of a simulation of reality rather than reality itself. SIMULACRA meta-reference What is meant by ‘postmodern media’?
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