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The Westward Expansion

No description

Alex Osborne

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of The Westward Expansion

The Westward Expansion
The Louisiana Purchase
This was a purchase that, at the time, practically doubled the size of the United States! Thomas Jefferson bought the land from the French for $15,000,000. That may seem like a lot but it was worth every penny, be cause the Americans were just tingling to get more land. It was a huge help in expanding America to the west.
The Gold Rush
This happened in California it was one of the many reasons that Americans were headed west. It made everyone excited about the news, they went to seek out their fortune. This didn't necessarily help America grow, it just made lots of families move to the west.
The Oregon Trail
The Oregon Trail also didn't necessarily help the United States grow, it just helped people move over to the west. This trail went from Independence, M.O to Oregon City. Oregon. It was one of the most popular trails, back then almost everyone moving west took that trail to Oregon and then moved on from there. Independence, M.O (The beginning of the trail) was one of the most convenient places to stop and stock up on supplies.
Lewis And Clark
These are very popular explorers but just in case you haven't heard of them I will tell you about them. These were leaders of the group that explored and mapped the new Louisiana Territory the met indian tribes and and they discovered all kinds of plants and animals. These were the people that made it possible to know where you were when you were headed west. Clark had a slave named York, and where do think the city New York came from? Lewis had a dog named Seaman he was a Newfoundland he helped Lewis hunt.
The Pony Express
The Pony Express was like the mail man it was how you would send a letter to your Grandma, or a Relative, or Friend. It worked kind of like a re-lay race one person would get the letter then he would pass it on to someone else and so on. But it was a dangerous job sometimes it would take days to deliver just one letter.
So you can see why the Westward Expansion was so important. It is what made America what it is today. If this wouldn't have happened then the British would still be in charge of us.
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