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Technology Overkill

By Yoona Lee

Yoona Lee

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Technology Overkill

TECHNOLOGY OVERKILL What does it mean?
Technology Overkill means people are using to much technology
Such as people are always texting, emailing, facebooking, chatting

What is bad about Technology Overkill is People are always with technology
People are always with their phones and computers Why we have to stop it?
We have to stop Technology Overkill because people are buying new phones and new computers and throwing away their old one which they bought few month ago
Why do people have their computers and phones with them every time?
They have it wherever they go because they want to chat with their friends and they want to text their friends also
Also for some people they have it with them because they want to play games, and they want to listen to music but most of the time to chat and text So, I want you to STOP So, I want you to STOP

Some people are so addicted to the computers they go to the bathroom while they go on the computer...

People are so addicted they have their laptops with them every time.They bring their laptops to the bathroom, car, and school. People are buying too much technology which damages the Earth. And WE got to stop it! GOOD? BAD? Well;; Lets look at GOOD and BAD Whats good about Technology Overkill is students woudn't forget their homework and wouldn't make excuses like "I dont have a USB", "I dont have a printer at home";; Stuff like that. How should we stop it?
Stop buying new computers and phones
Stop throwing away new computers and phones
Because it all damages OUR earth! Thank You For Watching <3 Its OUR earth, and WE got to stop the disaster!!!
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