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Nuclear Science

Georgia Institute of Technology, Boy Scout Nuclear Science Presentation, 2010

Gabriel Ventura

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Nuclear Science

Georgia Institute
of Technology
American Nuclear Society
Presents The Atom and
Nuclear Fission The Atom and
Nuclear Science By
Francisco Ventura and Christopher Safouri The
Atom The Planetary Model The Proton Weighs 1 amu
Has a +1 charge
Decides the element The Neutron Also weighs 1 amu
But has no charge
Makes Isotopes The Electron Weighs .0005 amu
Has -1 charge
Nuclear Fission Atom Symbol Protons Neutrons Element Name Isotope Activity Nuclear Fission is the splitting of the
atomic nucleus. When there are enough fission targets and neutrons to continue the reaction all by itself. Critical Mass Interesting Facts It takes 3 tonnes of coal to power a household per year
It takes .3 grams of uranium to do the same. 3 tonnes = 3,000,000 grams The two reactors being constructed in Burke
County Georgia are estimated to save 16 million
tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

US Department of Energy This is the same as taking 1.5 million
cars off the road

US Environmental Protection Agency Thank You
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