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My Modest Proposal

Child Abuse

ellie coombs

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of My Modest Proposal

Child Abuse It is more than bruises
or broken bones.
There are several types of
child abuse,but the element that ties them together is
the emotional effect on the child. Abused children cannot predict how their parents will act.
More than 4 kids out of every 100,000 in Kentucky died in 2007 because of abuse and neglect Kill The Children SOLUTION 84% of prison inmates were sexually abused as children 8 out of 10
babies are born
to mothers that
are drug users, and are abused If we kill all the children there won't be any children to hurt and abuse. Parents won't have to worry about going to a noisy cell, They will get to saty at home in peace without kids. Let's see how good this works!
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