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Using Web 2.0 Tools in a 21st Century Classroom

A synopsis of several Web 2.0 tools that I and my students are actively using in my 21st century classroom.

David Spencer

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Using Web 2.0 Tools in a 21st Century Classroom

Web 2.0 Tools in the
21st Century Classroom Why? assignment submission managed collaboration on assignments rapid feedback quick marking communicating due dates updating latest information parents full online office suite monitor blogs many blogs - one interface most current
information no tedium A classroom in which teacher(s) and students use tools that
allow for collaboration where appropriate, higher level thinking,
self and peer evaluation, authentic communication with community partners all without focussing on the tools being used. Class websites Professional Development Presentations Cloud Computing Ebooks Mathematics Wikis Microblogging Student Collaboration http://sciencebooksonline.com http://gapminder.org/world http://wiimoteproject.com http://twitter.com http://edmodo.com http://grouptweet.com http://wikispaces.com http://docs.google.com http://zoho.com http://eyeos.org http://g.ho.st http://www.bubbl.us http://animoto.com http://280slides.com http://sliderocket.com http://www.prezi.com http://polleverywhere.com http://toondoo.com http://www.officelabs.com/projects/pptPlex http://commoncraft.com http://classroom20.com http://teachertrainingvideos.com http://ning.com http://www.google.com/reader weblogg-ed http://www.weebly.com http://www.wetpaint.com http://pbwiki.com http://delicious.com same benefits
as wikispaces easier to use editor free private built for education wide selection many downloadable many are pdf's very thorough many pdf's ICT focus http://freetechbooks.com johnnylee.net youtube weblogg-ed einstruction mobi Whiteboards clickers small wireless portable students comes with clickers small wireless portable open source downloadable web desktop o.s. office web desktop more comprehensive 15 GB storage free website free blog drag and drop free website small ads threaded discussions mindmap download option flash - fast free 100 MB storage zooming presentation tool online - no software sharing visualblooms.wikispaces.com very easy to use short URL's students many variables moving data very cool twitter group after class announcements extension of
the classroom free private group messaging in Twitter Classroom collaboration class encyclopedia teacher moderated
discussions writer show sheets share wiki learn about new sites bookmarks available anywhere network of users tags forums using web2.0 tools training sessions experts and noobs run by teachers recorded tutorials three minute tutorials ANY subject great explanations free toolbar http://www.youtube.com/user/googletechtalks http://www.TED.com high tech talks eg. Why Physicists Need the LHC.
Intelligence in Wikipedia bookmark talks conversation starters current varied technology in the
classroom focus screen cams http://webquest.org Projects inquiry oriented lessons uses the web built-in "rubrics" teacher notes easily create your own Blogs teach42 classroom 2.0 coolcatteacher dangerously irrelevant freetech4teachers classroom 2.0 archive makeuseof.com open thinking soyouwanttoteach http://teachertube.com eg Abbott and Costello
Maths Problem eg Escalator zooming powerpoint like prezi with powerpoint free training videos on site comic strips unique public publish free group slides 30 second clip free very easy to use flashy saw example earlier text message polls audience response real-time updates in PowerPoint PowerPoint compatible access show online free built-in themes access show online online access to data and resources built-in themes, effects, etc... slide resources stored online collaboration embedding thorough slideshow useage stats collaboration on-line storage mindmap creation presentation preparation online storage http://zoho.com themes shapes and symbols master style clipart collaboration weblogg-ed Will Richardson Author of Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts weekly/semi-weekly updates The read-write web soyouwanttoteach survival strategies dealing with stress new and seasoned teachers openthinking Dr. Alec Couros teaching with technology media literacy open teaching coolcatteacher Vicki Davis daily spotlights teacher and parent dangerously irrelevant the PUSH resources by category Scott McLeod freetech4teachers free technology resources and how to use them free web tools daily updates classroom20 social network forum weekly live seminars a great place to start classroom20
archive archives of weekly workshops moodle wikis twitter blogs podcasting makeuseof free pdf guides geeky fun directory of apps google blog articles stay up to date on
google features google educators training webinars http://www.yola.com free website and blog no ads easy to use video textbooks good review for students free no login http://mathtv.com animation free downloadable active forums nice alternative upload to youtube http://iearn.org worldwide project collaboration project based to better the world every subject & language worldwide collaborative projects at every grade level 10 K-12 projects currently running http://ciese.org/ http://pencil-animation.org in beta word processor free http://cloudo.com many topics pdf downloads http://free-ebooks.net seth godin.
typepad.com random musings not an education focus Why do any of this? Matt Harding as an example http://www.wherethehellismatt.com/about.shtml google blog videos http://hulu.com http://dotsub.com U.S. only? hotspot shield can be downloaded great selection subtitles any language including english Cultural Wisdom a.k.a. Sophistication Walk into a doctor's office
and the paneling is wrong,
the carpeting is wrong and
it feels dated. Instant lack of trust. Meet a salesperson in your office.
She doesn't shake hands, she's
fumbling with an old Filofax,
she mispronounces Steve Jobs'
name and doesn't make eye contact. In each case, the reason you
wrote someone off had nothing
to do with their product and
everything to do with their
lack of cultural wisdom. What do our students think when they enter the classroom? over 230,000 ad-free wikis
have been given away already Inter-school collaboration teacher generated accounts searchable free hosting 100 MB space email address moodle php mysql http://iteach.org http://www.youtube.com search for cool math trick http://wordpress.com free stats widgets themes tagging http://www.adobe.com/acom/buzzword/ version tracking various levels of document access flash based very elegant http://pbs.org/nova full programs teacher resources video previews streaming only collaborative annotation social bookmarking 90+ tech videos flickr perversion
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