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Kritika Gawai

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of IT'S NEVER OVER


For my Final Major Project, I would like to advertise a brand or a current event so people can relate to it and have a better understanding about my topic.
After my Visit to The Advertising, Packaging and Brand Museum in London, I found a several adverts made over the past 100 years.
The variety of brands and posters that were collaborated with different specialism was very inspirational.

As mentioned previously, I wanted to pick a theme that is current so people are acquainted with the theme. After doing some research I decided to advertise The Football World Cup . Initially I was planning to endorse the 2014 FIFA world cup but after further research and feedback I plan to Make an Installation promoting 2018 FIFA World Cup.
From the various displays of different brands as well as the advertisements, I decided to make an installation and collaborate this with the techniques of a pinhole camera.
The installation may contain video clips of a football match that I recently attended. It could also be a replica of the main stadium in Russia where the matches will be held. There are many possibilities of what will be seen in the installation but I would like to make it more digital and keeping up with the latest technology
This installation will be creating an environment keeping the football buzz yet alive. Since the FIFA world cup would be just finishing during the time of the exhibition, it will be a good time to inform them about the upcoming event and retain the excitement.
different posters
Pinhole Camera
I would like to conclude by saying that I will be advertising The FIFA World Cup and encourage people to watch it either at their homes or attend a match at Russia.
These installations are meant to be seen in flag ship stores of sport brands ,football fields and shopping malls.
My USP will me the mysterious element that it will create making people to have a look inside the peep hole.
Thank You

Feel free to ask any questions.
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