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The Declaration

No description

Alka Abraham

on 31 May 2016

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Transcript of The Declaration

In my mind "if no one dies and no one can be born should there be the world"?
Effective strengths of bravery, freedom and individuality
Butterfly showing that Anna should be Free
Surplus are known to wear plain underwear
Author used Quotes and Empathy
Anna's diary symbolises freedom
The world they live in is based on propaganda
Shows suspense and reiterates the idea of modern society
Sympathy was felt for the characters
Good plot structure
The theme was relatable
Mother Nature should always be respected
Thank you!
Message portrayed "No one need to live forever"
Anna wears overalls and Surpluses had to look neat and tidy at all times.
The Declaration prevents you from having children
Anna has become indoctrinated into thinking that Grange Hall is her forever home.
Peter is Tall and gangly, with pale skin
Opt-Out available to people choosing reproduction over renewal
The Declaration
By Alka Abraham
Peter and Anna Fight for Freedom
First person was utilised frequently when Anna was writing in her journal
Anna revealed lots of feelings and emotions about her life
Peter was Mrs. Pincents Son
if Sheila's voice was expressed more emotion and feeling expressed
Hard to get back to the Narrators Perspective
Peter knows that Anna has parents?
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