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acapulco,mexico beautiful city

its a beautiful mexican city with a lot of beaches

jessica godinez

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of acapulco,mexico beautiful city

there are a lot of people because they like to see when people jump to the water and its intresting. this this called la quebrada because there are people who jump to water and its fun because you can see there young and older people. acapulco is the largest city in the state of guerrero and one of mexico's oldest coastal tourist destinations. la quebrada is knows as one of the famous attractions for tourist in acapulco. people come from all over to watch divers jump from the cliff to the waters below. acapulco is the 4th largest city in mexico and it has beautiful places. the people is very good and lovely. this are enchiladas of mole are very popular there because tastes very good and deliciouses. acapulco has a beautiful sea and many people go there especially tourist because there are different intresting things. acapulco is a party town when the sun goes down. acapulco at night looks beautiful because is very dark and you can see the mountains and the lights will inspire you THIS IS A HOTEL OF 5 STARS AND ONE OF THE MOST EXPENSIVE IN ACAPULCO. DIVERS ENTERTAIN TOURISTS BY DIVING OFF THE 45 METERS (148 FEET) HIGH CLIFF. ACAPULCO IS A CITY THAT GIVES YOU MANY CHOICES WHEN IT COMES TO BEACHES. ACAPULCO ENJOYS A ROMANTIC AND GLORIOUS HISTORY. NIGHTCLUBS AND DISCOS DON'T CLOSE PARTY SCENCE STARS LATE AND ENDS EARLY THE NEXT MORNING. ACAPULCO IS A CITY THAT GIVES YOU MANY CHOICES WHEN IT COMES TO BEACHES . MANY CELEBRITIES , FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD , HAVE HOMES OR KEEP VACATIONS RETREATS IN ACAPULCO. there are championship golf courses are located to the right in the tourist zone.
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