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West Side Story

No description

Jessica Braham

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of West Side Story

Point of Attack
The Jets establish their territory that leads to their rivalry with the Sharks. The Jets "flick off" Bernardo and eventually there is a brawl between the two gangs.
Inciting Action
Tony discovers that Maria is alive. They run into each others arms as Chino shoots Tony.
Falling Action
The Jets and the Sharks come together to remove Tony's body.
West Side Story
Doc tells Tony that Maria is dead.
Anita warns Maria that Chino has a gun and is looking for Tony.
Anita notices that Tony is still with Maria in her room.
Maria finds out that Tony killed Bernardo.
Tony and Maria fall in love at the dance.
The Jets sexually and verbally harrass Anita.
Anita tells the Jets that Chino shot and killed Maria.
Tony kills Bernardo.
Bernardo kills Riff.
Maria begs Tony to stop the fight and he arrives under the highway to try and do so.
Bernardo doesn't want Maria to be with Tony so he tells Chino to take Maria home.
Bernardo and Riff plan to meet at Doc's for the War Council.
Tony finds Maria and they confess their love for each other.
Tony goes to Doc's to convince the Jets and Sharks to fight without any weapons to establish a fair fight.
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