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Pornography, Body Genres and "Fatal Attraction"

For WS 317

J Shaw

on 30 December 2012

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Transcript of Pornography, Body Genres and "Fatal Attraction"

Pornography, Body Genres and Fatal Attraction Does MacKinnon believe that pornography is "only words"?
What is pornography's relationship to the "real world"?
How is pornography related to actual sexual encounters? What are the three body genres? Whose body?
What is common among all three genres? The Feminist Sex Wars Director Adrian Lyne Thinking about Williams' argument, how is the female body used in the film?
Where are domestic spaces and how are they threatened?
What is the importance of family?
What is the status of gender roles in the film?
Sex! Who's getting some?
How are Alex and Beth foils?
How does the film handle mental illness?
What causes violence?
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